Energy Conversion

Current Transformers

Current transformers for 50 Hz/60 Hz energy meters require core materials with highest permeability and linearity.

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Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Cores

Tape-wound toroidal and oval cores made of nanocrystalline VITROPERM® or amorphous VITROVAC® offering low losses over the full permeability range between µ~3,000 to µ>100,000.

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Lamination Stacks

Lamination stacks are packages using single laminations separated by electrical insulating layers to surpress eddy current losses during dynamic magnetic load.

In-house manufactured cobalt-iron or nickel-iron strips in combination with adjusted production technologies are offering optimum stack solutions with respect to performance and costs.

These parts are mainly used as stators and rotors in electric motors and generators but also as laminated cores.

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Soft Magnetic Parts

All crystalline alloys can be processed further to stamped parts. VAC has state-of-the-art facilities for punching, deep-drawing and further processing methods like interlocking or wire-EDM.

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Gate Drive Transformers

Gate drive transformers for IGBT are the key element in the driver circuit supplying the necessary power for switching and maintaining safe galvanic separation between the intermediate circuit and the low voltage control side.

By using nanocrystalline VITROPERM® as core material, VACUUMSCHMELZE gate drive transformers combine high power density with high insulations strengths.

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69 to 82 % Nickel-Iron  MUMETALL

These high permeability materials differ mainly in the level of permeability. Permeability increases in the series from the standard grade MUMETALL® to the highest grade ULTRAPERM® 250. VACOPERM® 100 D is a solid material.

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40 to 50% Nickel-Iron  PERMENORM® 

Alloys with a Ni-content of around 40 to 50 wt% are characterized by a maximum in the saturation polarisation of up to JS = 1.6 T and a medium range permeability. By selecting appropriate rolling and annealing conditions, the shape of the magnetization curve can be varied over a wide range.

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